Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Walking the Dog with God

Last week my puppy Smash was severely injured. I am no longer thinking about how he might have gotten that way as there is nothing I can do about that now. My only focus now is getting him healed up. Part of that process is keeping him confined. Being an outdoor dog who is used to freely roaming my farm, he does not like being confined.

So I take him for frequent walks to his favorite places around the woods. He loves the creek and the bottom land on the other side of the creek. He also enjoys sniffing out a particular gully back in the woods.

Today, I made a special effort to notice that God was walking with us. He seems to really like walking the dog as much as Smash and I enjoy having Him with us. I get a really safe and secure feeling knowing God is with us as we walk. I know that Smash's nose will heal just the way it is supposed to and that everything will work out for my benefit as I am blessed becuase I am a child of God.

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