Thursday, August 31, 2006

Science vs Religion

I am surprised to see this debate opened back up recently. I thought I settled it back in 1978 when I did my research paper for Mrs. Fitzgerald’s High School English class.

I am also reminded of the essay I wrote for my final exam in college physics. The subject was quantum physics. The question was whether you believed in the theory of quantum physics and to defend your answer.

After spending an entire semester learning quantum physics and how to use it to predict chemical reactions, I wrote that no I did not believe in the theory. I was the only one in the class to take this side of the argument.

My reasoning was, as shown in the experiments we had done, the intentions of the experimenter completely determined the outcome of the experiments. We had proven mathematically that the path of a subatomic particle could be controlled by the intentions of the observer. In fact we had proven that simply observing a quantum physical event influenced its outcome. Simple observation was a creative event.

My conclusion was that despite all the experimental evidence to the contrary, the theory of quantum physics could not be correct and that the nuclear reactor at Watts Bar was just a figment of our imagination because……

There had to be an intelligent design behind it for it all to work. There had to be an intention in the mind of someone in order for it to happen. And as all good scientists of the time were taught, these events are supposed to be random. Who taught those electrons which orbits to take. Did they go to electron high school to learn that?

The whole theory was based on the assumption that there was a specific intelligent design behind it. And all the experimental evidence from that semester pointed to a specific intelligent design as well. And since scientist all know there is no intelligent design the theory of quantum physics has to be flawed. Nuclear physics cannot occur as described and the all the nuclear reactions in Oak Ridge are just fantasy.

I got an A.

Monday, August 28, 2006

More Light

I have been studying faith manifestation and the law of attraction for several years now. I have known it worked but never really had a handle on getting the results I wanted.

But, I think I just found the missing piece. And if I believe that I have found it I have right?

Basically the steps of manifesting your desires through faith are:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Ask for or declare you desire
  3. Release your attachment to the desire
  4. Allow the desire to be manifest in your life
  5. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire
  6. Be thankful for the manifestation of your desire

Now over the years I have gotten really good at manifesting things I don't want like my lost keys the other day. But manifesting what I wanted when I wanted it has still be a bit hit and miss. It always works out but maybe in a different form or quite a bit slower than I desired.

For example, I desire to manifest an income stream based on affiliate sales, but the development of the process has been slower that I hoped.

This past weekend I read on Steve Pavlina's blog about the idea of Creative Observation.

What I got out of the article was a different way of looking at things. Lets take the affiliate sales site for example: If has been hard for me to feel prosperous when I look at the cost of advertising out running the sales commissions.

I have tried being detached from the outcome and just waiting to allow the money to start to flow but I always felt anxious that I was not doing enough to create the income.

Not I have changed the way I look at the results. I take joy in every little accomplishment. I enjoy making the changes to the ad copy and the web structure. That is why I chose this method in the first place because I enjoy doing those kinds of things.

I look at every sale as an increase in income and a step toward my goal. I release my fears that it might not work out and just enjoy seeing my creation grow.

Steve points out that it is sometimes hard to see light in a situation that is going the opposite of where you want it to go. But you may be able to see the light in the fact it is not moving away as fast as it was.

I will keep you posted on how this new outlook works for me. Today has been great .

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Dark Side of Manifesting

Students of manifestation are taught to focus only on what they want to manifest. They know that what they think about expands. So, we tend to try to focus our thoughts only on good things and tend to try to block out the bad.

The trouble is, those other thoughts that we have not yet addressed are still lurking in the back of our minds. They continue to manifest things and situations despite our best intentions.

Read More....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Accepting responsibility

I have begin a 30 day trial where each morning I write down what I intend to manifest for the day.

Yesterday on day one, I started out great. I intended to manifest a check that had been slow in coming and it arrived in the mailbox. I intended to manifest some found money and I found some.

I intended to write a new article for my web site and I found that the most common search term for my web site was something I could easily write about so I added that page.

The one that gave me trouble was that I intended to learn a lot from the trial.

As I realized my power to create my life through my thoughts I also was hit by the thought of all the bad things I have manifested in the past. I felt guilty and depressed.

Today I intend to manifest cheering myself up by realizing that while I can't change the past, I can manifest my future. I can choose to manifest happiness from here on.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Speaking the word

Speaking your affirmations aloud

In a recording of Marty Dow that I recently listen to she mentioned the importance of speaking words of affirmation as well as just thinking them.

I had noticed lately when preparing for another subject that speaking words involved different parts of my brain than just thinking them I could recite a text that I needed to memorize perfectly when I did it silently but when I wen to speak the words, I often stumbled on phrases that I knew well.

I soon realized that the phrases I stumbled on were those that I was not fully convinced I believed. My inner doubts caused my words to stumble when spoken aloud.

In that moment I realized the potential power of speaking affirmations aloud. When I first tried it I stumbled over the words of affirmations that have been very familiar to me.

I had to really concentrate hard to make myself speak my affirmations aloud. I had to believe them more.

Try this experiment with me. For the next 20 days instead of reading your affirmations or silently repeating them in your mind, speak them aloud.

Listen to the sound of your voice. Do you believe yourself. Can you speak your affirmation with clarity and strength. If not, maybe you don't believe it.

Keep practicing speaking your affirmations aloud until you can declare to the word your intentions is a strong clear voice. I expect we will see them manifest a difference in our lives.

Friday, August 11, 2006


In experienced multiple synchronicities today.

I have begun reading Power of our Way from

Todays lesson was on synchronicity. The note from the Universe that I received this morning told me to note that my external world was a mirror of my internal self.

I have been desiring rain on our parched dusty land all day. This evening as I sat on the porch I thought about the note from the universe. I realized as I look out onto the dusty yard that I was thirsty. I had also been reading today about needing to drink more water.

So I got a bottle of water and took it outside. As I was opening the top, I started to feel sprinkles. I I drank down the bottle of water, rain began to fall steadily.

I had manifested rain. The dry outside was a mirror of my dehydrated insides.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Water for life

This week I am thinking about reconciling my thoughts with God’s thoughts.

When I am thinking about my own power and ability, I often become afraid and concerned for the future. I can worry about what might happen to my children or my dog.

Bit when I an thinking in harmony with God, I have no fear. I can’t worry about anything either because I know that God has a plan for my life. I have a mission to fulfil. And God is going to make sure that I have everything place for me to fulfil that mission.

All I have to do is reconcile my thoughts with God’s thoughts and everything works out just the way it is supposed to.

My mission is to help others learn to achieve their full potential. And to help others live healthier more productive lives.

One way to achieve these goals is to make sure your body is properly filled with water. Many of the common ailments or our modern society can be traced to a lack of water intake. Juice, cola and coffee don’t count. In fact they raise your demand for water.

I will be adding my own version of the water cure to the making healthy choices class page soon, but for now see for information on how water can be used to treat everything from acne to arthritis.

Fill your body with liquid water and your soul with spiritual water.

Take some time this week to think about why you are here. Why has God put you in the position you are in? What is your mission?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Spiritual expression through Physical Stuff

As we continue looking at expressing our spirit self in a physical world, I can’t help but think about all the stuff that we use in our every day life. Sometimes we develop an attachment to stuff.
In the old testament times God used the concept of burnt offerings and sacrifice to help his people remove their attachment to stuff. But since we have been redeemed through Jesus, we don’t practice this method anymore.
Stuff is fun to play with and sometimes we think we need stuff like houses and cars and clothes, but if we remember life in the garden, Adam and Eve did not have to worry about stuff until they messed up and decided that some of God’s creation was not a good as God thought it was.
Since dealing with stuff is so important to our physical existence, we need to learn to deal with it in positive ways. Often we think of stuff in terms of lack. We think that maybe someone else has more stuff than us or that there is not enough stuff to get through the month until we get another stuff certificate.
We tend to forget that God made all the stuff there is. My friend Christopher Westra has just written a new book on the subject of getting, spending, using and enjoying the stuff in our lives from a spiritual perspective. Some of his ideas may run counter to what you have been taught in economics class, but his ideas are from a spiritual development point of view rather than economics. Click this link to a page where you can get the sample book.

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