Friday, June 09, 2006

A closer walk with God

I have been studying the techniques in Professional Dreamer to improve my feeling of closeness to God. I can't really improve the closeness because we share the sane spirit but I don't always feel His presence.

So far I have worked toward removing clutter form my life. Physical clutter as well as mental clutter.

I have expressed my desires to God and I am allowing Him to work out the circumstances to help us achieve them.

Yesterday, I chose three ideas to carry with me at all time. To pray without ceasing.

These concepts are happiness, creativity and abundance.

By Happiness, I mean looking for the good in every situation. Accepting people as they are rather than how I think they should be. Assuming every one has my best interest in mind and that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord.

By creativity, I mean I am creating my world as I live it. I find new and different solutions to problems that I face. I learn to use resources that are available to be to create something new and exciting.

By abundance, I mean that I will always have an adequate supply of whatever I need to achieve my goals and desires. God provides for the sparrows and He provides for me.

I now feel that my goals and dreams are aligned with God's goals and dreams for me so that nothing is beyond our reach.

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