Sunday, June 04, 2006

Four wheeling with God

This weekend, I went four wheeling with God. We went to Livingston, Ky. See my article on JeepGirl travels for pictures and details.

When we got to camp, I was a bit concerned about how we were going to get back out. I had had trouble with my engine and transmission on the trip in and I was worried that it might not make it out.

But as we were lined up for our turn at the big rock, I remembered that God was riding with me. I was sure He wanted to enjoy the ride along with me. So I made a picture in my mind of my Jeep scrambling effortlessly over the rocks and mud to the top of the hill.

When my turn came to make the climb, I told God to hang on and we eased up the first rock just as I had imagined. Then I eased into the gas just a bit more and we walked the Jeep high up on the bank to the left avoiding the rock to the right that had hung those who had gone before me.

I was almost disappointed at how easy it was. But then God reminded me that it was just like I had imagined and that is was huge fun to do it that way.

God is great fun to have along.

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