Thursday, July 20, 2006

Expressing God's love through physical touch

Keep your hands to your self!

We tell children this all the time. We even hear it as adults. Or maybe say it as dating advice to teenagers. But, keeping your hands to yourself is the surest way to poor health.

Research has shown time and again that babies will not develop properly unless they are held, stoked and cuddled. Touch is a vital element for health.

More recent research has found that touching someone is as necessary to good health as being touched. In other words, we receive what we give. I think we talked about that in the lesson on gifts.

The healing power of touch has been shown in many forms. You already know that your first reaction to mashing your finger is to rub it.

Massage is also well known for it healing benefits. But it not only benefits the one being massaged but also to one who gives it.

I discovered acupressure long before I knew it had a name. I just knew as a child that if I rubbed certain spots on my body, I could make pain go away. Now that I have studied the power of acupressure I am constantly amazed at its healing power.

One of the more controversial types of touch we used with our son Will when he was suffering from severe asthma as a baby is called Reiki. It involves consciencely controlling the energy flow in a body through touch and moving your hands just a slightly away from the skin but still within the energy field. I can still remember hearing Will say, "Mommy will you rub the yuckies away?" And of course she did.

Also, you need to determine your minimum daily requirement of hugs. Most people can’t feel healthy unless they have at least three hugs a day. For healing purposes you may need twelve or more. Try keeping a hug chart and compare how you feel to the number and types or physical contact you have during the day.

Discover the healing power of touch for yourself. Touch someone. You will feel better for it.

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