Monday, July 03, 2006

Signs of land

I have now forgotten who first called it that but when I begin to see signs of my desires being manifest, I call them "signs of land." They remind me of the story where Noah sent out the bird and it brought back a twig showing Noah that what he desired but could not see was near at hand.

This weekend while traveling with my family I saw two white Ford Excursions like the one I have on my Manifestation collage. Again, this collage is made according to the instructions in Professional Dreamer. I also saw a red s2000. There is a white one on the collage. The S2000 caught my attention just before I saw the Excursion.

The S2000 represents speed, adventure and freedom. The Excursion represents power and family travel.

Then last night out of the blue I got a call from my cousin who I have not talked to in years telling me about an exciting new job opportunity representing yet another square on the collage.

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