Monday, August 28, 2006

More Light

I have been studying faith manifestation and the law of attraction for several years now. I have known it worked but never really had a handle on getting the results I wanted.

But, I think I just found the missing piece. And if I believe that I have found it I have right?

Basically the steps of manifesting your desires through faith are:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Ask for or declare you desire
  3. Release your attachment to the desire
  4. Allow the desire to be manifest in your life
  5. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire
  6. Be thankful for the manifestation of your desire

Now over the years I have gotten really good at manifesting things I don't want like my lost keys the other day. But manifesting what I wanted when I wanted it has still be a bit hit and miss. It always works out but maybe in a different form or quite a bit slower than I desired.

For example, I desire to manifest an income stream based on affiliate sales, but the development of the process has been slower that I hoped.

This past weekend I read on Steve Pavlina's blog about the idea of Creative Observation.

What I got out of the article was a different way of looking at things. Lets take the affiliate sales site for example: If has been hard for me to feel prosperous when I look at the cost of advertising out running the sales commissions.

I have tried being detached from the outcome and just waiting to allow the money to start to flow but I always felt anxious that I was not doing enough to create the income.

Not I have changed the way I look at the results. I take joy in every little accomplishment. I enjoy making the changes to the ad copy and the web structure. That is why I chose this method in the first place because I enjoy doing those kinds of things.

I look at every sale as an increase in income and a step toward my goal. I release my fears that it might not work out and just enjoy seeing my creation grow.

Steve points out that it is sometimes hard to see light in a situation that is going the opposite of where you want it to go. But you may be able to see the light in the fact it is not moving away as fast as it was.

I will keep you posted on how this new outlook works for me. Today has been great .

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