Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Spiritual expression through Physical Stuff

As we continue looking at expressing our spirit self in a physical world, I can’t help but think about all the stuff that we use in our every day life. Sometimes we develop an attachment to stuff.
In the old testament times God used the concept of burnt offerings and sacrifice to help his people remove their attachment to stuff. But since we have been redeemed through Jesus, we don’t practice this method anymore.
Stuff is fun to play with and sometimes we think we need stuff like houses and cars and clothes, but if we remember life in the garden, Adam and Eve did not have to worry about stuff until they messed up and decided that some of God’s creation was not a good as God thought it was.
Since dealing with stuff is so important to our physical existence, we need to learn to deal with it in positive ways. Often we think of stuff in terms of lack. We think that maybe someone else has more stuff than us or that there is not enough stuff to get through the month until we get another stuff certificate.
We tend to forget that God made all the stuff there is. My friend Christopher Westra has just written a new book on the subject of getting, spending, using and enjoying the stuff in our lives from a spiritual perspective. Some of his ideas may run counter to what you have been taught in economics class, but his ideas are from a spiritual development point of view rather than economics. Click this link to a page where you can get the sample book. http://www.pottytrainingsite.com/ccount/click.php?id=15

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