Thursday, November 30, 2006

God's sense of humor

I have recently been attempting to manifest a new set of tires for my off road Jeep. I cut one of my tires just before the XJ list fall crawl event.

I put a picture of the tires I wanted on my bulletin board. I shopped the used tire stores. I looked along the side of the road for discarded tires.

I finally patched the cut tire and visualized making the run on the damaged tire.

Well as you can read here, my tire held up fine during the run and is still holding air now. The patch worked just like I visualized. I stopped trying to solve a problem and set out to create that which I desired using the materials I had on hand.

Well this week I was walking in the woods with my dog Smash and we came across a wheel and tire in the woods. I have no idea how it go there or how long it has been there, bu there was a real whole wheel and tire right there in the woods.

But the funny part is, it does not fit anything I have. I propped it up against the bar to remind me that miracles do happen. I just need to do some fine tuning on my vibrational state.

To learn more about manifesting and tuning your vibrational state, see Anisha Aven's Site.

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